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Fancy a theatre trip without ever leaving school? A full professional Rubbish Shakespeare production? Would you like it streamed directly to all students in class or at home? AND a simple to follow virtual lesson complete with activity sheets?

That’s what we’re offering primary schools all across the UK. We want to make teachers’ lives easier. And compliment children’s learning in an active and creative way! 

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The first film in our Shakespeare Shorts series, Romeo and Juliet, is a cinematic version of our five star, critically acclaimed touring show that even played at the Edinburgh Fringe!


This isn’t just a recording of a stage play. This show has been shot on location and specially adapted to film. Featuring an eccentric cast, plenty of slapstick action, and a totally accessible mix of Shakespearean and modern language, this production is perfect for KS2 pupils. It will capture their imaginations - and tickle their funny bones!

This adaptation of Romeo and Juliet has proven incredibly popular in schools, and we’re sure your pupils will love it too! With school trips off the menu, this is a wonderful opportunity to enrich their education and brighten up their day; it’s silly, exciting and something completely different!

And look out for more releases from Shakespeare Shorts - coming soon.

Thanks for getting this far.


If you have any questions, or would like to book, drop us an email.

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